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How to get the most out of your engagement session

What IS an engagement session? An engagement session is a photo shoot of you and your future spouse taken before the wedding. Some people choose to have an engagement session for practical reasons (think save-the-date cards, using the photos on your wedding website, or even printing one out to have at the reception), while others choose to take engagement photos simply to document the love they have for each other during this very special time in their relationship. Here at Shannon Davy Photography we believe that engagement sessions are also a great way to become more comfortable in front of the camera, so that you feel not just prepared, but actually excited about your wedding photos going into your wedding day.

What do you DO during an engagement session? The short answer is anything you want! We love it when our couples choose a location and activity that really speaks to them as a couple. There is no need for you to dress up and go to a park if that isn't what you want to do. Instead we will plan a session that really represents who you are, and what your relationship looks like. Below is a small list of ideas to use as a jumping off point.

  • go for a hike

  • grab a coffee at your favourite café

  • have a picnic, basket and all

  • stroll through a garden

  • walk around your favourite part of the city

  • go bowling / roller skating / rock climbing

  • have a drink together on your favourite patio

  • grab a canoe and get out on the water

  • go to a studio and get editorial with it

  • stay in and have a cozy home session

Where do we GO for our engagement session? Just like the world of real estate, engagement sessions are all about location, location location! Your location quite literally sets the scene for your engagement photos, and becomes a part of your love story, so it is best to choose a spot you like! Often the activity you choose will help guide you towards which type of location you want, but narrowing down your choices can still be daunting. A good place to start when choosing a location is to think of places that mean something to you as a couple. Do you want to visit the spot your partner proposed? Perhaps head back to the coffee shop where you had your first date? Take a trip to your favourite bookstore or a park you love taking your dog to? Or you can always explore a brand new place together for your session! No matter if the location is new or known it will surely become special to you as the place you captured this special time in your relationship.

What should we WEAR for our engagement session?

Although you can really wear whatever you'd like for your engagement session, we do have some tips for ways to look your best!

  • Wear something that you are comfortable and feel like yourself in. These photos are a reflection of you as a couple, so there is no need to try a totally new style out that you aren't used to or comfortable in.

  • Coordinate with your partner, but don't match! Instead of you both wearing the same colour, try to pick colours/prints that compliment each other.

  • Lighter colours tend to photograph better because you can see the details. This isn't to say you can't wear black, just be aware that you may not see the details of your outfit as clearly as you would if it were lighter. And if you are both wearing black then it can sometimes be hard to tell where one of you ends and the other begins in a photo.

  • It's all about TEXTURE! Texture provides visual interest in photos, so play around with it! You can add texture to your outfit in a variety of ways like: Layering, choosing literally textured fabrics, accessorizing with hats/scarves/jewelry/watches/etc

  • Pick something with movement! If you are thinking of wearing a dress for your portraits, choosing one that has some movement to it can really up the romance factor. It is a great way to add visual interest to your photos! (And, let's be real, swishy dresses are really fun to wear!)

  • Engagement sessions often include an option to wear two (or more) outfits, so we always recommend that you choose one that is more casual (think going on a brunch date), and then a more formal outfit.

And as always, your photographer is always more than happy to help answer specific questions regarding the planning of your engagement session, from the general theme right down to the smallest detail, so don't be afraid to reach out to them and ask for guidance! Happy Wedding Planning!


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